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hammered dulcimer

Nationally touring performer and teacher, Dan Duggan was a recipient of the National Hammered Dulcimer Championship. Dan's accomplishment, though based upon his technical merit, is even more considerable as he was the first winner to have performed all original compositions. In competition and on all of his recordings, Dan has used these finely crafted instruments of his design.

With over 18 years of experience in fine woodworking, John O'Hara brings his expertise as a craftsman and his experience as a dulcimer player to the building of these exceptional instruments. With utmost care and precision, John dedicates himself to crafting each dulcimer individually from fine native hardwoods in order to create an instrument of outstanding beauty in -- both sound and appearance.

  • Splendid Sound: The large playing surface and multitude of string gauges provide an extremely responsive, quick decaying, and wonderfully warm sound encompassing deep, rich lows and crisp, clear highs.
  • Extended Range:This 5 octave instrument has 18 treble courses, 17 bass courses, and an additional bass bridge that extends the range from D, two octaves below middle C to G. three octaves above middle C. This includes the keys of G. A, Bb, C, D, E, Eb, F. and their minor second and third scales.
  • Fine Craftsmanship: Beautifully handcrafted and finely finished, each instrument reflects, in appearance and sound, the 33 years of combined experience and expertise in woodworking and musicianship, Dan and John , bring to the design and crafting of this instrument.
  • Quality Materials: Native hardwoods including maple cherry, walnut, birch and cedar are used to create an instrument whose superb sound quality is aesthically complimented by its distinctive appearance.
  • Hammers: Several handcrafted styles are available.
  • Stands: In sitting or standing models, you may select from a choice of native hardwoods.
  • Cases: Padded cordura and nylon cases custom made for Blackhawk Dulcimers by Blue Heron Design are available in a variety of colors.
  • Mono or Stereo Pick Ups: High quality custom pick ups and pre amps made by Fishman may be added for professional performance models.
  • Customized Detailing: You may individualize the appearance of your dulcimer by selecting from the variety of stains, finishes, and inlay trims available.


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