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Seasons of Change

The only instrument used on this recording is the hammered dulcimer.
This ancient predecessor to the piano is shaped like a trapezoid, strung with 40-100 strings, and is struck with wooden mallets known as hammers.

Several different techniques, including muting, harmonics, and plucking, as well as the use of various types of mallets, are incorporated to highlight and maximize the potential of this beautiful instrument.

These compositions have been written over the course of many seasons. In this recording, I hope you will find pleasure throughout.

Seasons Behind Us
Seasons Before Us
Seasons Together
Seasons of Change
         Dan Duggan

Seasons of Change - hammered dulcimer music



1. Esperance
2. Awakening
3. Bodego Bay
4. Falling Leaves
5. Carmen s Music Box
6. Isleford
7. Flight of the Cormorant
8. Baileys Dream
9. Palomelle's Waltz
10. Seasons of Change

Produced by Dan Duggan
All compositions wntten by Dan Duggan, Esperance Music (BMI)


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