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Singing all the Way Home- Children's songs

Singing All The Way Home
Susquehanna String Band &
St. Marys School in Canton, New York

Crawdad Song.mp3
1.6 mb for the whole song

The Susquehanna String Band members:
John Kirk (vocals, fiddle and mandolin)
Dan Duggan (vocals, hammered dulcimer and guitar)
Rick Bunting (vocals, banjo and lap dulcimer).


1. Johnson Boys
2. Bill Grogan's Goat
3. Paradise
4. Tree in the Hole
5. Crawdad Song
6. Bubble Gum Song
7. This Land Is Your Land
8. Froggy Went A-Courtin'
9. Stewball
10. Father's Whiskers
11. Devil's Tears
12. Watermelon Song
13. A Place in The Choir
Our country has always been a singing nation. The joy of singing together has been an integral part of our social lives. The family celebration, the community meeting, the church supper, the campfire and many other gatherings were enhanced by shared song. The changes in our society over the past few decades have resulted in a dramatic decrease in the opportunities for us to sing together and we stand to to lose an important part of that that which unites us. As we join with an enthusiastic group of young singers to carry on the tradition it is our hope that in some small measure wehave helped send some of you singing all the way home!

John, Dan & Rick




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